Using HCG Shots for the HCG Diet

hcg shotHCG shots are used as a part of the HCG diet, and they are administered as a subcutaneous injection or into the muscle. HCG shots can be administered by a medical professional such as a nurse or a doctor, or they can be self-administered at home. Many HCG diet programs use HCG injections but also offer HCG drops or pellets as an alternative to the shots.

In order to ensure that the injections are safely administered, they should be only prescribed by a medical professional. Detailed instructions are required to use the shots effectively, and instructions on how to use the shots should be given by medical professionals who are familiar with injection protocols and the diet.

HCG shots are used for fast HCG hormone activity

One of the major benefits of HCG diet shots is that they offer the fastest way for the hormone to enter the bloodstream and become activated. The shots are much faster than HCG drops or pills, and they are the preferred method for most HCG diet programs. HCG shots have been widely used in clinical studies on the diet, and because of this they are the preferred method of administration by medical professionals.

They are shown to increase blood levels of HCG faster than other methods. This is useful on the diet, as the faster the hormone enters the bloodstream the faster it can begin taking effect and metabolizing fat. The hormone can also target abnormal fat quicker when it is injected.

Always purchase HCG shots from an established provider

Be careful to only purchase HCG from an established provider, because the quality of the injection can have significant health repercussions. Homeopathic HCG is not effective and they may have ingredients that are dangerous or can cause side effects. The injections must be prescribed by a licensed medical professional, and they should be prepared at a licensed pharmacy.

They can be safely shipped as the injections can be sent out pre-mixed, and once they arrive they can be mixed with bacteriostatic water. An established provider will only sell HCG shots with a prescription from a medical professional, and they should only be sold after a medical consultation and with detailed information on how to self-inject the hormone at home.

The shots are safe to use at home as long as they are prescribed

The HCG diet and the HCG shots are perfectly safe to use at home as long as they are prescribed by a licensed medical professional and purchased from an unknown or questionable source. Always be sure that you are purchasing pure HCG, and some providers may add B12 or other natural vitamins in with the shots, which is perfectly safe as well.

The injections are normally administered with a small ¼ inch needle, which causes minimal pain and discomfort, and the injection sites are also rotated to reduce needle pain. Medical professionals should be available to answer any questions about the safety of the injections and how to use them.

The shots are used for 26 or 46 days

There are two HCG diet protocols, one which lasts 26 days and another which lasts 46 days. Each of the protocols has a two to three day loading phase at the beginning of the diet, where the shots are still used, but the very low calorie diet is not followed, and high fat foods are consumed.

This waiting period helps the body prepare for the effects of the hormone, and it also allows the body the time it needs to respond to the hormone. There are other benefits of this “loading phase”, but the HCG shots are always administered right at the start of the diet. Again, as long as the injections are purchased from a reputable provider, they are a perfectly safe option to be used for the HCG diet.

Read more at Nu Image Medical.

Ace Attorney: Phoenix Wright Trilogy HD

Ladies and gentlemen of the court: Phoenix Wright is a goofy, spike-haired, blue-suited lawyerman who mostly has everyone drop dead around him. His first three adventures, Ace Attorney, Justice For All, and Trials and Tribulations mainly involve his various acquaintances dying from outlandish murders, occasionally reminiscent of the ways in which many Spinal Tap drummers have snuffed it. Phoenix is then usually called upon to defend the accused and Wright all Wrongs.

EToo London

There was a particular woman standing there on that Monday night, on the cusp of E3, beaming at everyone at the door to the Loading Bar, London’s videogame-themed drinking hole. This is Britain’s Tracy King, grinning at me, ushering me through the small crowd gathered outside, bringing me into the hustle inside. Tracy’s the BAFTA-longlisted co-producer of Tim Minchin’s Storm movie. She produces animations, develops games, writes, and today she’s co-managing the very first EToo London, London’s alternative E3 held from the 11th to the 13th of June. Set up to highlight independent games developers’ work, providing a refreshing alternative to the tech fetishistic E3, EToo was organised in a total of ten days Tracy told me, but “you can do anything with enough experts and goodwill.” And the place was flooded with them: from Rufus Hound to One Life Left, the whole four days were exhaustingly exciting, and filled with interesting new ideas for interactive experiences.

Hands Gingerly On: Revenge Of The Sunfish 2

In the far reaches of the psychedelic interwebspace, at the end of the net, there is a man who has been working on his fucked-up nineties surrealist nightmare for more than five years, on and off, idly messing with the magics and mechanics of that dark art of gameage. Drugless, though producing something that has an effect on a brain like a cattleprod, Jacob Waldemar Buczynski worked broadly in dirty rainbow colours, in Hunter S. Thompson punctuation. He ate raw shock and disgust in huge mouthfuls, and then spat them lovingly towards the screen. He is like a videogame Brian from Spaced.



Ride to Hell: Retribution

“When I was fighting a man named Colt, text appeared written in Arial 10pt and attached to my backside while I ran into a huge firefight. As I was shot to death, it read, “All enemies in this area are dead.” My hips are lying.

In the same mission, the level design was so ambiguous about where I should go next that I pressed myself up against every unopenable door, of which there are at least a tantalising 10 in each level, for a chance to press E to open, only to realise that warehouse walls sometimes slide open automatically when you go near them. So then I started grinding myself against perimeter walls like a cat in heat in case they magically opened to send me to the next part of the level.”

My first 1/10 review at Eurogamer. Please feel free to put your alternatives to ‘dong-bandage’ in the comments, as some users have gladly done.


There’s No Sexism in Gaming



“I am tired of all this “sexism in gaming” crap that has come up recently. Reasonable people know that fantasy has nothing to do with reality: believing otherwise infantilises us and treats us as if we cannot distinguish one from the other. People who are outraged about this latest ‘gaming drama’ need a severe reality check: those masculists simply seek out reasons to get upset all the time. The “disembodied bloody crotch in Speedos” outrage went too far, for a start.”

This piece of satire for The New Statesman was pretty well received, and I got almost no hatemail. *bats eyelids to show wide blue shining eyes*

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