So you are very fragile and have decided to gain some weight! Well, it’s a great decision that can help you to look better and be healthy. There are several people who work out and do lot of thing to lose their weight, but to do things in reverse way isn’t easy! There are some diet principles that you have to follow to gain some weight. Some important basic calculations and necessary lifestyle changes can help you to gain some pounds so that you can feel good and stay healthy. Here are some of the helpful tips that can be helpful for your health.

Determine the Food Quantity that You Require

Before starting any weight gain program, make sure that you have find out that how much weight you want to gain and which kinds of food can be helpful to achieve that mark. You have to keep in mind that in order to gain at least one pound, you need to excess 3500 calories. Apart from that, the rest things depend on your metabolism. In order to find the exact ratio, you can get help through RMR. It is resting metabolism rate that is actually the amount of calories each day that your body requires to maintain the weight of your body.

Calculate Your Everyday Activities

The amount of weight gain depends on your daily activities. As you do not sit all the time at your home, your body consumes calories to perform any task. If you are not taking exact amount of calories that your body needs to carry out different tasks, then you may lead to situation of weight loss. In order to ensure the exact amount calories that your body needs, you have to calculate the RMR of your body. It will make you realize that what amount of calories you need to perform your daily tasks.

Eat Three Meals a Day

Never even try to skip your meal. The most amounts of calories come from your daily diet and if you are not taking your diet properly, it will be difficult for you to gain the weight that you need. Eat at regular schedule! It will make you sure that you are taking the exact amount of calories that you need. Apart from breakfast, lunch and dinner, you can divide your diet plan with two different snack meals. Eat some healthy snacks that can help you to gain some pounds.

Get Weight Training  

Building muscle in gym will not add extra mass in your body, but it will give your body a very noticeable shape that can enhance your personality. Apart from that, the extra muscle will help you to speed up your metabolism rate, by which you can get more and more calories to add extra mass o your body. After joining body building program, you will see tremendous enhance in your body weight. Just stay faithful to your schedule and never skip your weight gaining program. It will help you a lot to gain some healthy weight.