Ace Attorney: Phoenix Wright Trilogy HD

Ladies and gentlemen of the court: Phoenix Wright is a goofy, spike-haired, blue-suited lawyerman who mostly has everyone drop dead around him. His first three adventures, Ace Attorney, Justice For All, and Trials and Tribulations mainly involve his various acquaintances dying from outlandish murders, occasionally reminiscent of the ways in which many Spinal Tap drummers have snuffed it. Phoenix is then usually called upon to defend the accused and Wright all Wrongs.

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EToo London

There was a particular woman standing there on that Monday night, on the cusp of E3, beaming at everyone at the door to the Loading Bar, London’s videogame-themed drinking hole. This is Britain’s Tracy King, grinning at me, ushering me through the small crowd gathered outside, bringing me into the hustle inside. Tracy’s the BAFTA-longlisted co-producer of Tim Minchin’s Storm movie. She produces animations, develops games, writes, and today she’s co-managing the very first EToo London, London’s alternative E3 held from the 11th to the 13th of June. Set up to highlight independent games developers’ work, providing a refreshing alternative to the tech fetishistic E3, EToo was organised in a total of ten days Tracy told me, but “you can do anything with enough experts and goodwill.” And the place was flooded with them: from Rufus Hound to One Life Left, the whole four days were exhaustingly exciting, and filled with interesting new ideas for interactive experiences.

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Ride to Hell: Retribution

“When I was fighting a man named Colt, text appeared written in Arial 10pt and attached to my backside while I ran into a huge firefight. As I was shot to death, it read, “All enemies in this area are dead.” My hips are lying.

In the same mission, the level design was so ambiguous about where I should go next that I pressed myself up against every unopenable door, of which there are at least a tantalising 10 in each level, for a chance to press E to open, only to realise that warehouse walls sometimes slide open automatically when you go near them. So then I started grinding myself against perimeter walls like a cat in heat in case they magically opened to send me to the next part of the level.”

My first 1/10 review at Eurogamer. Please feel free to put your alternatives to ‘dong-bandage’ in the comments, as some users have gladly done.


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There’s No Sexism in Gaming



“I am tired of all this “sexism in gaming” crap that has come up recently. Reasonable people know that fantasy has nothing to do with reality: believing otherwise infantilises us and treats us as if we cannot distinguish one from the other. People who are outraged about this latest ‘gaming drama’ need a severe reality check: those masculists simply seek out reasons to get upset all the time. The “disembodied bloody crotch in Speedos” outrage went too far, for a start.”

This piece of satire for The New Statesman was pretty well received, and I got almost no hatemail. *bats eyelids to show wide blue shining eyes*

Helpful Tips to Meditate for Beginners


Meditation is a very useful exercise that not only makes you physically fit but also enhances your mental health. The benefits of meditation can be seen in people who are meditating at regular routine. People have different reasons to enrol in this activity. Whatever the reasons are, it is necessary to meditate for enhancing your focus on your goal. If you are planning to start this activity, then there are some helpful tips that can help you to understand how to meditate?

Find the Reason to Meditate

It is essential to have an aim. If you don’t have aim, the chances to get success become half. All the people do not have the same reasons to meditate, however most of the people enrol in the activity to stay calm and focused in their lives, but apart from that, people also mediate to reach their real selves, to turn their minds towards positive direction and to connect themselves with the wider world. Seeking inner quite is very essential for everyone. You have to find out why you are going to meditate. While deciding the reason, do not complicate your mind.

Learn the Benefits of Meditation

We take a medicine because we know how that can help us. Similarly, in the case of meditation, you must know the benefits of meditation. There are various kinds of meditations like walking meditation, sitting meditation, guided meditation and lots more. Although most of the people prefer sitting meditation, you can also try with walking meditation. While doing the activity, try not to do difficult poses in the beginning or before knowing the right equipment for that. Apart from that, don’t do meditation on a couch or at a place, where you can fall asleep easily.

Be Ready

Prepare yourself for the activity. Once you have made your mind to do meditation, don’t look back. Alert your mind as it can help you to make the best of activity. Before enrolling in the activity, do not consume alcohol or any other drug. Once you have started doing meditation, make it your habit and perform it at regular bases.

Start with Empty Stomach

In the beginning, it will be easier to start meditation with empty stomach. If you have taken your food or have caffeine, wait for almost two hours. If you start meditating immediately after eating your food, it may distract your digestive system, which further may lead to several other stomach problems.

Wear Comfortable     

While performing meditation, it is essential to stay focused and it is possible only if you are comfortable with your outfit and place. If you have worn tight clothes or sandals and shoes, it may be difficult for you to give proper attention to the activity. Wear clothes which are comfortable. Apart from that, remove your shoes or other stuffs and loosen your clothes to feel comfortable. Once you have done all these things, you can start meditation. Try to stay focused on the meditation that you are doing.

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